Jamnalal Bajaj Tropical Disease Research Centre, MGIMS

Day: March 20, 2024

Preventive Measures to Take to Stop Bunions From Forming

If you are someone who is generally concerned about the problems arising in the modern day and age, especially that have to deal with health issues, then you are probably aware of how common Bunions are these days. The presence of mild to severe bunions is actually concerning for most people, because not only are they very unattractive to look at but also very painful.

However, we sat together with some experts provided to us by runner scan and asked them the best methods for treatment of bunions. But the surprising thing that we got out of that discussion was that most practitioners aren’t concerned about the treatment as much as they with the fact that bunions are actually a very easily preventable condition. So most experts want people to be aware of the ways they can prevent the bunions from ever occurring or progressing to a point where it becomes too painful to walk. So with that being said, following are some of the preventive measures to take to stop bunions from occurring or progressing, check them out below.

Always Look For Comfortable Shoes

While buying shoes, always make sure that you are most comfortable with your shoes. This way you will be able to make sure that you are covering the probable cause of bunions i.e. uncomfortable or tight shoes. Once you know you’re wearing something comfortable the chances of bunions forming are very low.

Avoid Wearing Heels That Are Too High

Wearing high heels is great and all but it shouldn’t come at the price of your health, right? So if you want to avoid bunions from happening we would highly recommend that you do not wear high heels too often or it would be a major contributing factor in your bunions.