Using hair removal creams or shaving may seem like a painless way to remove hair, but it is not as effective and when you are doing it yourself, then it is hard to remove hair, especially when you have to remove hair down there. That is why a lot of women prefer getting waxed, this is called Brazilian wax. It removes hair from your bikini line and all of your bikini area. If you are interested in learning more about Brazilian waxing, then this is the article that you need to read.

In this blog you will learn all about Brazilian waxing. Let’s start out by talking about the pain. Obviously it is going to hurt no matter how much you try. The first time is always the worst, we recommend that you take a painkiller before you go for your waxing appointment. It will help ease your pain a little, but it will still hurt the first time. Although once you start getting Brazilian wax on a daily basis, it will not hurt as much and your body will get used to it.

When you get Brazilian wax done it takes your hair three to four weeks to grow back which is much longer than shaving. Once the hair grows back you can book your next waxing appointment.

Brazilian wax comes in two types, strip wax and hot wax. We recommend that you go for the hot wax as it removes hair easily and does not stick to your skin, it only sticks to your hair. The strip wax on the other hand sticks to the skin as well and when waxed the top layer of your skin comes off with it which makes it really painful.