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                 Infectious diseases are emerging around the globe and spreading faster and becoming increasingly difficult to control. According to WHO, infectious diseases are now spreading geographically much faster than at any time in history. Over the last 5 years alone 1100 different epidemic diseases were verified.  In 2003 SARS spread from China to 30 countries and killed 800 people. Mortality rate in H5N1 (Bird Flu) cases is alarming being 60%.  2.5 billion People live in areas at risk for epidemic transmission of Dengue. 43,138 cases of Chikungunya suspected in Kerala in late 2007. Annually, US$ 3 billion economic loss with about 17 crore workdays lost due to TB in India. Widespread drug resistance, as a consequence of poor medical treatment and misuse of antibiotics, jeopardized global efforts to control infectious diseases.  With around  2 billion people are traveling by air every year across the world, an outbreak or epidemic in one part of the world is only a few hours away from becoming an eminent threat somewhere else.

In context of current status, it is realized, lack of awareness, altered lifestyle, unhygienic and Junk food, changed environmental conditions, speed of travel and global reach being major factors; expose people at increased contact with a previously unfamiliar microbe or its natural host and promote dissemination. There is urgent need for e-health info service portal for effective surveillance and control. MGIMS-JBTDRC Health Update online is developed with an aim to aware people about current status of emerging infectious and lifestyle diseases was launched by Mr. Senthil Kumaran Shanmugam, Vice President, Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Chennai at Medical Informatics workshop on 30th November at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences.
Recent News (Updated on October 1, 2023)

It will also contain the basic information and research about casual organism/ gene/ protein/ other factors and links to renowned research centers, cost effective Medical Tourism centers to facilitate further research and to meet the demand of cost effective medical care.

Swine Flu Alert - Guidelines from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

1. Categorisation of Influenza A H1N1 cases screening
2. Clinical Management Protocol-Pandemic influenza A H1N1
3. Guidelines on providing home care
Guidelines for Sample Collection of Human

Ebola Virus Health Alert

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