Just because of the fact that something has a positive effect in certain doses doesn’t mean that exceeding the recommended dose won’t be harmful. For example, there are numerous substances in the world that have a medicinal impact if consumed in the right kind of quantities, but if you were to imbibe more than what a doctor prescribed, suffice it to say that you would be setting yourself up for some thoroughly negative symptomatic experiences at the end of the day.

This is a lens that you should view your carpet cleaner Humble through as well due to the reason that it can be applied to your usage of bleach during a carpet cleaning chore. Many people use bleach to clean out their rugs, but that does not indicate that you can just douse every corner of your carpet in this liquid and expect a good outcome. Bleach can destroy your rug if you don’t use it with the appropriate amount of caution, and in the best of cases it would remove all of the gorgeous colors from your rug with the worst possible scenario being that the fibers would begin to come apart at the seams.

Yet, bleach is still widely used in the carpet cleaning community, so what gives here? We must once again refer to what we said above, specifically that it’s not the substance in question but rather the quantity that matters most of all. If you dilute your bleach with ten times as much water, it can have a sanitizing effect on your carpet. This weak concentration prevents any of the negative side effects from becoming apparent, so be careful not to make it too strong.