Although the whole idea of lifting weights is something that is simple and straightforward, the issue arises when a lot of people end up making the most common of mistakes. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, in reality, but making mistakes that can potentially cause you trouble is not something that we would suggest anyone go through.

Still, this happens and since we are on the topic, you can always check more on IWF. For now, we want to focus on the weightlifting mistakes that everyone should avoid. This is crucial because things can go severely wrong if you are making these mistakes, and that is not what we want to go through.

Holding Your Breath

Whenever you are lifting weights, the one mistake that is super common is the process of holding your breath. There is nothing wrong about it at the surface, but in reality, it is never something that you should be doing. Why? Because if you do hold your breath, your blood pressure will immediately rise up, and that is never really a good idea and must be avoided at all costs.

Not Resting in Between

If you have been to a gym, then you will realise that a lot of people are going to look down upon you if you rest for ab it between workouts or between different exercises. I know it sounds embarrassing, but in reality, it actually is the right thing and the smart thing, as well.

Resting gives your muscles enough time to recover because they are extremely sore at the moment, and that is not what you should be going for, at all. As long as you are avoiding something like that, you would be all good to go.