Breakups are one of the most painful experiences of one’s life. Of course, in a lot of parts of the world they are still one of the least talked about things. Just like divorces tend to hurt people same is the case with breakups and it is about time that we start normalizing that the pain people feel during this time is real and very heart wrenching. However, since people aren’t able to relate they are the first ones to invalidate feelings.

If you are someone who has just gotten out of a relationship, you need to know that it is very important that you feel this pain and actually face it without nosediving into avoidant coping behaviors because they may give you a distraction but may also be a cause for more damage to your mental health. Getting out of a relationship, the first thing people want to do is to go back to their exes. If you are facing a problem similar to that, here are some of the reasons as to why you should avoid your ex girlfriend or boyfriend, check them out below.

To Progress And Heal

Although this might sound very abstract and not important but if you are consistently getting thoughts about wanting to get back together with your ex, we can understand that urge because they were your safe space. However, in order to be able to progress further and actually move towards healing it is very important that you keep your distance and try to focus on yourself for the moment.

You Will Be Able to Make The Right Call in Due Time

Even if you think that getting back with your ex is the right decision and the breakup was a mistake, it is important that you give yourself enough time to actually be sure of your decision. Which is why it is important to remind yourself that you will make the right call in due time.