Every single game that has existed in the world has known to feature a balance between luck and skills. While sometimes luck favors the drawing of the cards or picking up of characters, the skill has the ability to turn the game around even if the situation is not particularly in the player’s favor. The same goes for Magic: The Gathering as well. The game is a strong combination of both luck and skill and together they can take the player a long way.

The Dominance of The Luck

One of the most commonly observed complaints that the player made about the game was the dominance of luck in the beginning of the game which at times, caused the player to lose the match even without commiting a mistake. An example of such is that when it came to possessing the number of lands, luck played a major role and the player ended up having either too many or too less and the latter could effectively ruin the game. The variance was then studied to be minimized by constructing a deck in such a way that the adequate land count could solve the mana related issues.

Another step was the introduction of a mulligan rule which allowed the players to reshuffle an opening card back into the deck if they considered it unsatisfactory at the beginning of the game and repeat the process until all the players were satisfied. However, at times neither luck nor skills contributed towards the end of the game as it was rather caused by the failure of computer to load the game. This inability of the motherboard to handle the Magic game is thoroughly explained at our favorite news site to help beginners know the issue that their personal computer many render.