There is an epidemic that is going on that no one is really talking about. Everyone refers to the obesity epidemic as one of the worst things that’s happening at this current point in time, but there is another epidemic that requires an equal if not greater amount of attention with all things having been considered and taken into account. This epidemic that we are referring to has to do with the kind of chronic back pain that the vast majority of office workers are now finding to be an inescapable aspect of the kind of lifestyle that they have chosen for themselves which usually involves sitting in one place for hours on end.

While there is nothing at all wrong with wanting a white collar job, at the end of the day you also need to make sure that the company that’s hiring you has provided you with the best possible office chair. Companies really need to start investing in this sort of thing because of the fact that the cheaper chairs that they usually buy don’t have any lumbar support and when someone sits without lumbar support for hours at a stretch this really does a number on their back.

This is why so many office workers suffer from so much back pain on a regular basis. If you don’t suffer from this sort of thing then you might not think that it’s all that big of a deal but it can be a truly excruciating kind of pain to suffer through and most office workers have to rely on powerful painkillers in order to be able to manage to kind of stress that comes when you are always in severe pain.