Doing a land survey on your property is very important for a bunch of reasons. For example, doing a land survey is the only valid way of knowing where your property ends and the next one starts. It is very important to understand the boundaries of your property as failing to do so might cause lots of disputes.

Land Survey

In a land survey, the lines of your property are determined, and you are provided with a chart mentioning the boundaries of your property. The survey will also include the location of other buildings which are standing with your property.

Depending on the legalities in your area, there might be various methods to perform a land survey.

When is a Land Survey Needed?

If you want to buy or improve a piece of land, you will have to hire a land surveyor to determine the boundaries of that property. This will help you meet any legal requirements in your area.

Land surveys are done because they help you find your property lines, getting insurance, knowing the location of utilities, and avoiding any property disputes.

Different Types

The type of survey you will get done on your property will depend on the reason why you are getting the survey done. So, depending on your real estate needs, the surveyor can amend the survey a little bit.

Different types of land surveys include topographic survey, site planning, boundary, ALTA, construction, subdivision, and location survey.

Before getting services for land surveying in Fresno, and should learn more about different types of land surveys, and should determine the right type depending on your needs.

As far as the cost of a land survey is concerned, depending on the area and the type of survey you need, you might be paying anywhere between $299 and $699 per survey.