Since floor jacks are always used to lift up heavy objects, you must take special care and avoid making any mistakes when operating them. For example, when lifting your car up with the help of a floor jack, you should make sure that the Jack is placed on a level surface, and there are no unsafe extensions used in the process. Doing this is beneficial both for you and your vehicle.

While everyone uses his common sense when operating with tools like floor jacks, some safety concerns are not as obvious as the other ones. So, here are a few important safety tips you should remember when operating a floor jack. Visit Floor Jackā€™in for more information on floor jacks.

Use Jack Stands

No matter how good your hydraulic jack might be, you should never trust it to lift up the whole weight of your car on its own. Since various different mechanical and hydraulic parts are used in a hydraulic jack, it is destined to fail in the long run.

Usually, when hydraulic jacks fail, they let your car down slowly. You might think that it is a good thing as it will provide you enough time to move out of the way. But actually, it proves to be more dangerous as you might not even notice the slow descent of your car, and will have limited agility at the very end.

So, to avoid any mistakes like these, you should use jack stands for proper safety. After you pick up your car with the hydraulic jack, put these jack stands underneath and then start working.

Always Work on Level Ground

You should never work on an inclined surface. If you use your jack or jack stands on any surface other than a level ground, they can trip by the weight of your car. So, if you want to ensure your safety and to avoid any damage to your vehicle as well, avoid using your hydraulic jack on an inclined service.