Just like how you want to consider a few hundred things when you’re buying a car for yourself, you need to know what kind of ATV you’re buying and how you can make the right purchase. The fact of the matter is that not all ATV are created equally; some of these are suited to heavy duty load carrying work and are therefore preferred by working men, law enforcement and fishermen. Other models are built for those of us who just want to own a fun ride. The highest tier of these are made for speed, agile manoeuvring and sports.

Now that you know that there are different kinds of ATVs with different intended usage, it begs the question; which one is for you? The first thing you ought to do is to ask yourself why you need one. Knowing your intention is a great way to make the right decision in just about any case. You can head over to What is 180 and learn more about all kinds of electric ATVs available today so that you know what you want. Here are some things to look out for.

The Tires

Depending on what the ATV in question is made to do, it might have different kinds of tires. For instance, if you want to traverse through muddy terrain, you’ll want tires with angled tread for maximum grip. Make sure to understand tires and treads.

The Suspension

Without a powerful suspension system in place, your ATV won’t last a day after it hits the wild. If you have a youth model of ATV, you’ll want to keep in on the road since the suspension isn’t meant for rugged use.