Arogyadham &  Herbal Garden Update


Arogyadham is a Traditional Health Care & Research project of Kasturba Health Society for promotion of positive health in addition to taking care of preventive and curative aspects of health care in chronic ailments with Yoga & Naturopathy and other Complementary & Alternative Systems of Medicine. Naturopathy believes in the presence of all healing powers within the body and aids human systems to remove the cause of disease. Yoga promotes Spiritual Health and calms the mind and thus helps in management of Stress related ailments associated with modern hi-tech era.

 Yoga & Nature Cure and Facilities:

            Nature cure facilities namely whole body mud application, Whole body massage, Mud pack, Enema, Jal neti, Hot fomentation (Bhasp snan), Spinal bath etc. have been well established at the Arogyadham campus situated near Medical campus in 24 cottages constructed with financial support from Smt. Aparna Ben Trivedi.

            During the year 2003-2004, 167 persons have visited Arogyadham with physical complaints like Arthritis, Bronchial asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, and got treatment and benefited. Further healthy people also utilized the facilities for massage, steam bath etc. for refreshing and energising themselves.

 Health Retreat for Stress Management, March27-30, 2004:

            Senior yoga teacher Ms. Uma Singhania from Yoga Institute, Mumbai addressing the participants in Health Retreat at Arogyadham, Sevagram, during 27th –30th March, said that ‘Yoga’ way of living is the answer to modern fast life style health problems associated with hypertension, heart disease, asthma etc. While speaking on Stress Management, she emphasized that one should learn not to react and treat the good and bad equanimously, remembering their impermanent nature.  About 60 people including Doctors, Engineers, Professors, Charted Accountants, Teachers, Business people and Medical students attended the Health Retreat and her guest lecture on stress management.

            Dr. B.C. Harinath, Coordinator and other organizers Mr. Girish Bhoware, Dr. Satish Kumar, Mr. Hansaraj, Dr. Alka Ravekar were pleased with public response and propose to continue such activities in coming months at Arogyadham in collaboration with International Board of Yoga, Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai.

 Herbal Garden Project:

            Herbal Garden is flagship project of Arogyadham as a joint venture in between Jain Charities & Kasturba Health Society, was laid foundation on Gandhi Jayanthi Day (October 2, 2002) with the blessings of Shri. Dhiru S. Mehta (President, KHS) and Shri. Bhavarlal Jain (Chairman, JISL, Jalgaon). ‘Work is life’ culture of JISL has shown significant progress in development of Herbal Garden within 2 years, at an expenditure of 2 crores, thanks to Jain Charities for the investment.

            Five open wells of 30’ diameter and 35’ depth were dug for charging and distribution of water by drip irrigation for cultivation of plants. A pipeline of 10” diameter for a length of 5 km has been laid down from Paonar to Arogyadham Project area. Jack well has been constructed for pumping water from Dham river, Paonar.

            About 14500 Aonla plants (155 acres), 150 each of Neem and Karanji on road sides, 25 Coconut on banks of nala have been planted. As intercrop in between the Aonla plants which are about 15-20 feet apart, Onion seed in 95 acres and Onion bulb in 10 acres and 13100 tissue cultured Banana plants in about 7 acres have been in cultivation.

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