As society grows it is becoming increasingly rare for a student to not have a few extra-curricular activities listed in their portfolio. It just isn’t done that way anymore. A student needs to have more to show than just their academics. This is the point where students start taking interest in various events going around their places of education or even in their surrounding areas. If we could name the common activities a student could be a part of they would be: Fund raisers, raffles, movies and other various events.

It is not an easy job to sit and design an eye-catching template. For one, it takes a lot of time and two, it requires some amount of cash if we want to use all the tools available on the internet. So why not make your life easier and just go to and print out the readymade ticket templates.

4 Types of Ticket Templates Available

  1. Raffle tickets: This is where you sell numbered tickets and to whoever wins the raffle gets the prize. While designing these kinds of tickets, it is a little cumbersome to remember which poll and number goes where, so why not make your life easy and just print out an already available template!
  2. Movie tickets: Nowadays the best way to raise money is to show a movie screening. Every movie needs a ticket and once again why go through the hassle of designing one when you can just print out a good ole template.
  3. Exit ticket: Exit tickets are used to gather feedback and they mostly have a common design which suits every basic need.
  4. Event tickets: Event tickets cover a wide category. There are various Event ticket templates available which you can print out and use at your leisure when ever needed.