Thought for the day


The Purpose of Our

Life is to 'Know'



Creation is an ocean of surprises. Just see the little planet in the universe - our world, the earth! Count the variety of living and non-living things here! From the amoeba to the elephant, the variety is simply astonishing.

But there are five vital questions about creation. The first one is, who created this universe? The second question is, why has this universe been created? The third one is, when was this universe created? The fourth question is, out of what has this universe been created? Fifth and final question: 'What's our role in creation?'

How do we know? There are two methods: one of science, and other of religion. Science is the study of the external; religion is the study of the internal. The first is objective while the second, subjective. Scientists too thought they alone were right, but many are differing now. Consciousness and universe, they see, are interwoven. The mind, can't find answers to all our questions through the five senses.

This leads us to the second path-religion. Religion alone has declared that the universe is only an objective manifestation of the subjective.

Religion is the study of man-an in-depth study. This study leads to supreme knowledge of everything.  How? It was Swami Vivekananda who experienced the grandest truth that 'The microcosm and the macrocosm are built upon the same plan.' To know the human being is to know the universe. But to know the human being you don't need instruments. The fine instrument called mind will suffice. Using it, we have to dive deep into ourselves: we should meditate. Meditation leads us to the hitherto unseen universe within. The inner universe, say saints, is astounding. This universe will reveal all the knowledge we need. This, again will free us. The knowledge of why, who, how, what, etc, will all become perfectly clear once we look within. Sri Ramakrishna declared: "A man attains everything when he discovers his true Self in himself that also is the purpose of  assuming a human body".

Shankaracharya sang that human birth is the most precious gift of God. To utilize it to know is the greatest good. Therefore let's all sit down quietly for sometime every day, close our eyes, and dive deep within. This alone, and nothing else, will bring us knowledge, lasting peace and supreme happiness.

- Swami Sunirmalananda