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Dear Sir/Madam,

              Thank you for your interest in our “SEVA TB ELISA” for immunodiagnosis of suspected tuberculosis patients. The following are the principles and implications of this system brief.


1.    SEVA TB ELISA is based on the detection of IgG antibody to purify M.tb. H37Ra cocktail Ag ( ES-31, ES-43, EST-6 Ag) antigen by Indirect ELISA &/ or tubercular antigen detection against affinity purified anti M.tb. ES31, ES-43, EST-6 antibody by Sandwich ELISA.

2.    Presence of IgG antibody ( titre of 1:600 and above) against SEVA TB cocktail Ag antigen suggests tuberculosis infection. Sensitivity and Specificity of the tests are more than 90% compared to sputum AFB positivity of samples tested. The test is quite helpful in childhood tuberculosis where it is difficult to get sputum and in clinically suspected tuberculosis cases negative for AFB smear and culture examination. The test is also helpful in confirming tuberculosis aetiology in extrapulmonary tuberculosis (lymphnode Tb, meninges-CNS Tb, genitourinary Tb etc.). Positive reaction may be observed in other mycobacterial infections and in chronic obstruction or/ airway diseases. The test results may be used as a complement to other information available to the clinician.



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Collection of blood samples:

            5ml of fresh venous blood (or 2ml serum) in plain sterile vial or finger prick sample on filter paper to be sent to this department for TB test along with clinical details as given overleaf.


Handling charges for the test:

            Rs. 80/- per specimen to be paid  by crossed D.D. in the name of  “JBTDRC, Sevagram”  payable at any nationalized Bank in Sevagram/ Wardha.


Collection of blood sample on filter paper:

            Blood specimen collected at any time of the day can be used in the test. Collect patient’s finger prick blood ( 20 ml or one drop ) in each of the two circles ( covering the entire area of the circle) of one filter paper. Similarly collect blood from a healthy normal person on the second filter paper. Label the filter paper and send to this department by post for laboratory analysis at the earliest ( within 7 days).


Test requesting proforma


JB Tropical Disease Research Centre  

MGIMS, Sevagram - 442 102