12. Role of on line and off line facilities IN CLINICAL   Laboratory Practice                                                                                         

  Uday Donde 

Clinical laboratory practice begins with the understanding of the requirements to set up the laboratory, permission from the competent authority, clearances from the concerned section and other organizational work. Commercial companies do offer ready to use infrastructure with provision of furniture and fixture. One then needs is the equipment, chemicals, consumables, disposables and many other related items. The on line scholarly software package known as Entrepreneur Resource Programming can and should take care of this. The other major requirement is approved methodology for the laboratory parameters to be estimated / examined. This includes parameters under different sub specialities of laboratory sciences such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, etc. This is generally followed by internal quality control, external quality assurance, etc. Then come the generation of reports on the specimens analysed and the data handling. 

The certification of the laboratory is a mandatory process for some while for others it could be just registration with the competent authority. In either case, adherence to the guidelines is a must. An ambitious laboratory Director will upgrade the set up to seek an accreditation from National / International agency. The preparation of Quality System Manual is a pre requisite and on line / off line facility can play a crucial role in this.

A software programme with appropriate system design needs to be prepared to cater to these requirements. Bioinformatics Centre can take a lead in this which will permit an evidence based clinical laboratory practice for quality health care.