11. Coomassie Blue Staining


A. Materials :

      a.   Coomassie blue stain :

Methanol                                                          -     227 ml

Glacial acetic acid                                             -     46 ml

Mix and add 1.2 g coomassie brilliant blue R-250 and make up to 500 ml. Filter the solution through Whatman-1 filter paper and store in a brown bottle.

      b.   Destaining solution :

Methanol                                                          -     50 ml

Glacial acetic acid                                            -     70 ml

Mix and make up to 1 litre with distilled water.

      c.   Preserving solution :

Ethanol                                                             -     300 ml

Acetic acid (glacial)                                         -     100 ml

Glycerol                                                            -     100 ml

Mix and make up to 1 litre with distilled water.

B. Method : 

1.    Place the gel in coomassie blue stain for 1 hr.

2.    Rinse the gel in Distilled water.

3. Place in the destaining solution for about  6  hr. Change the destaining solution frequently.

 4. After the destaining is completed transfer the gel to the preserving solution and wait for an hour.

5. Cover the gel with a plastic foil and allow it to dry at room temperature. Alternately the gel may be dried in the slab gel dryer. 


Thorough destaining of the gel is necessary if it is to be silver stained further.