1. Preparation of CAM Sticks



The enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) is a heterogeneous enzyme immunoassay that uses solid phases e.g. plastic tubes, beads, microplates, membranes such as cellulose acetate or cellulose nitrate. Stick ELISA was developed with cellulose acetate membrane square fixed onto a strip of used X-ray sheet. This is simple, economic and requires less antigen or antibody.




a. Cleaned (exposed) X-ray films.


b. Cellulose acetate membrane.




d. Stick fast




1.Take 70 mm X 160 mm plastic sheet or used and cleaned X-ray sheet. Cut 5 mm X 160 mm cellulose acetate strip from commercially available 20 mm X160mm strip.



2.Apply adhesive consisting of cyclohexanone and stick fast (1:1) at the end ofthe plastic sheet (5 mm distance from the edge) with a glass rod.



3.Carefully  overlay the  5  x  160  mm cellulose  acetate strip on the adhesive on plastic   sheet with the help of forceps.



4.Place  a  butter paper  on the  cellulose acetate strip and press so that the membrane gets fixed to plastic sheet firmly.



5.After 5 minutes cut the sheet vertically at 5 mm intervals.