We express our appreciation to Dr. ( Mrs. ) Manju Sharma,  Secretary, Dr. J. R. Arora, Adviser and  Dr.  S. R. Rao, Director, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) for the financial support  and encouragement for approving series of  training course on Immunodiagnostics for Infectious Diseases during 1987-2003.


             We  are  very  grateful  to  Late Hon.' Dr. Sushila Nayar ,Founder Director, MGIMS, &Founder President, Kasturba Health Society , Shri. Dhirubhaiji Mehta, President, Kasturba Health Society, Smt. K. Desikan, Secretary, KHS and Dr. (Mrs.) P. Narang,  Dean, of this  Institute for all the support and encouragement in organizing this courses.  


JB Tropical Disease Research Centre &

                                                                                    Department of Biochemistry