Ongoing Research Projects

1)        Bioinformatics Centre under BTISnet Programme supported by DBT (1999-2007)   

Coordinator: Dr. B. C. Harinath, Dy Coordinator: Dr. Satish Kumar  (Budget 15.47 Lakhs / Year)

2)       â€˜Establishment of Repository for Filarial Parasites and Reagents (National
 facility)’, supported by DBT  (2002-2007) 

          Chief Investigator: Dr.  M.V.R Reddy & Dr. B.C. Harinath   ( Budget 13.44 Lakhs/ Year)

3)      KHS Tropical Disease Research Programme for  Filaria  and Tb diagnostics.(2002-2007)

         Chief Investigator: Dr.B.C.Harinath  (Budget   3.00 Lakhs /Year)

4)      'Biochemical Characterization of secretory Proteins of Diagnostic Importance and their Use for

        Immunological Studies in Tuberculosis ' supported by CSIR. (2004-2007)

         Chief Investigator: Dr Satish Kumar (Budget   3.8 Lakhs/Year)

5)      FIST Programme to strengthen research & postgraduate teaching in the department

        Supported by DST  (Budget 25.00 Lakhs/Year)

6)     Isolation and evaluation of recombinant filarial antigen of diagnostic importance 

       ICMR (Budget 03.53 Lakhs/Year)