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                        SEVA FILACHEK (IgG & Ag)

·        No need of tedious night blood collection  

·        Day time blood can be used

·        Blood collected on filter paper by finger prick may be used

·        Useful for detection of microfilaraemia, early clinical filariasis and occult infections

·        Useful in immunomonitoring of filarial disease for appropriate period of chemotherapy for clinical relief and cure




·        The test can be done in simple Hospital setting

·        Helpful in childhood tuberculosis where sputum sample is difficult to obtain

·        Helpful in clinically suspected tuberculosis cases  negative by routine diagnostic methods like AFB smear & Culture examination.

·        Useful in confirming tubercular aetiology in extrapulmonary tuberculosis such as tubercular lymphadenopathy , meninges-CNS Tb, genito-urinary Tb, bone & joint Tb, abdominal Tb.etc.

·        Useful in immunomonitoring for confirming eradication of infection and patient’s compliance in tuberculosis cases  during antituberculosis therapy

·        Preferred over the insensitive, cumbersome or time consuming  and widely unavailable, invasive & expensive tests such as bacteriological, radiological, FNAC, Laproscopic Biopsy, USG, CT, radionucleide bone scan, DNA probes, PCR etc.



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