Thought for the Day


Religious Diversity

      Hindu Dharma is one, which has survived the vicissitudes of  time. It is not just another religious tradition but with its Vedic Vision, can adopt as its own any and every inclusive religious tradition. Swami Vivekananda had very beautifully described local faiths-indigenous traditions – viewed from Vedic perspective is Hindu Dharma or the Vedanta applied to the various ethnic customs and creeds of India, is Hinduism. Vedic Dharma is for preservation of religious diversity.  
          There should be an attempt to preserve religious traditions – the high cultures of the world. 
          Time has come for humanity to promote the basic human nature – compassion. Religious people have to speak responsibly in promoting human values not by resorting to conversion but by contributing to love, compassion and contentment. Every religious culture has a right to live and to contribute to the promotion of human values to make the world a better place.  
         Rejection of diversity violates natural law and goes against human nature. Such co existing together of the diverse religious traditions is as good as a garden with variety of beautiful flowers.  
         No animal species have been so hostile and cruel towards itself as Homo sapiens. Christianity and Islam have divided the humanity into the faithful and the infidels, the saved and the damned. More people have been either tortured or killed in the name of God than in any other cause.  
            It has long been a fashion to advocate religious unity, to assume that all religions speak of the same goal, teach same truths, and to stress commonalities rather than differences. That is a costly error, which will in no way help the survival of non-aggressive religions and cultures. The latter have celebrated life and generally seen humanity as one, with an equal divine potential.  
              Biodiversity is the law of nature. Theo-diversity is needed. Mono-theism (talking of One True God) is the schizophrenia of humanity. Riverine cultures seek human values and not human rights. Human rights destroy biodiversity whereas human duties increase human values.  
              The real progress is to March towards Unity and not Uniformity. That irreversible march towards Unity by preserving the diversity has started.


- Wisdom from the deliberations of ‘World Congress for the Preservation of Religious Diversity’.