From the Desk of Coordinator, Bioinformatics Centre

The Affordable Trio


 When I recall my childhood days, I still remember the precious and valuable paisa of those days. The rupee was divided into 192 paise.  The purchase value of the Copper paisa was so good, that I could get easily – rice and uduth flour bajjia for a paisa for my snack during the school class intervals. Everyone, the seller, the buyer and the onlooker look satisfied and contented. Nowadays our salaries are increased by 15-20 times, (forget the jobless which are increasing by the same speed) but still we feel our ever increasing requirements are not met. 
            In these days of not affordable things, I searched for what we can afford without incurring expenditure and gain in life. The trio, Silence, Fasting and Meditation appeared smiling at my ignorance for all these years for living in darkness. These are associated with energy conservation and charging, working as holistic medicines for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 
Fasting is the supreme medicine for body cleansing and within reach of everyone. It tones up the body and gives more energy to the body and also spiritual strength. During fasting, the body uses the reserved food and accumulated fluid, giving rest to the digestive system and helping the elimination of toxins. One can start with fasting skipping a lunch or supper in a day  to complete one day fasting in a week.
Concept like quietness should be experienced by living in that state. It is part of Meditative process. 
Meditation is the liberation of the mind from all disturbing emotions, thoughts and desires. Meditation is the means to reach the inner mind, where the thoughts originate and then the meditator reaches thoughtless state. Meditation opens up some of the energy centres in the body and promote love, compassion, joy and higher spiritual consciousness in the practitioner. In the morning or night one can start meditating for 15 minutes and increase to an hour a day for experiencing beneficial effects.
Thus the maintenance of silence, meditation and fasting do not cost a paisa but require only willpower and determination.



October 1,2002                                   Dr. Bhaskar C. Harinath


Dr. B. C. Harinath
, Co-ordinator, BIC Welcoming the participants at Workshop on ‘Medical Informatics & Biomedical Communication’ held at BIC during September 23-25, 2002. Sitting on the dias from left are Dr. (Mrs.) P. Narang, Dean, MGIMS; Dr. T. Madhan Mohan, Director, DBT; Dr. Meera Singh, Sr. DDG, ICMR & Dr. M. V. R. Reddy, Professor.