Jamnalal  Bajaj Tropical Disease Research Centre 

Department of Biochemistry  
MGIMS, Sevagram (Wardha) – 442102, Maharashtra, India

Phone (PBX): (07152) 284341 to 284355  
Ext. 262, 303
Tel-Fax (Direct): (07152) 284038


Dr. B. C. Harinath                                      
Director, JBTDRC &
Coordinator, BIC & Arogyadham
E-mail: bch@jbtdrc.org, bc_harinath@yahoo.com
Ph. D.:   Oklahama State University, USA, 1968
Research Interests: Biochemical and immunodiagnostic studies in infectious diseases namely Filaria and Tuberculosis; Medical informatics.

Dr. M. V. R. Reddy

Professor & Head
Department of Biochemistry
E-mail: mvr@jbtdrc.org, reddymvr@gmail.com
Ph. D.: Nagpur University, 1987
Research Interests: Immunodiagnostics, Vaccine development & Molecular Biology studies  related to Filariasis & Tuberculosis.

Dr. Satish Kumar

Professor, Biochemistry &
Dy Coordinator, Bioinformatics Centre
E-mail: sk@jbtdrc.org 
MBBS: Jammu University, 1990
MD: Nagpur University, 1994
Research Interests:  Medical Informatics, Immunodiagnostics in Tuberculosis & Laboratory Medicine (Clinical Biochemistry)

Dr. (Mrs.) N. Garg

Professor, Biochemistry
Ph. D.:  Meerut University, 1990
Research Interests:  Assessment of oxidative stress and antioxidant status in various diseases (cataract, sickle cell disorders).  

Mr. C. B. Taori

Associate Professor in Biochemistry
M.Sc.: Nagpur University, 1967
Research Interests:  Biochemical studies in Diabetes mellitus.

Dr. K. Goswami

Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry
MD (Biochemistry).: Banaras Hindu University, 1999.
Research Interests:  Drug development and recombinant vaccine in Filariasis.

Dr. P. V. Puppalwar

Lecturer, Biochemistry
MD (Biochemistry).: Nagpur University, 2005.
Research Interests:  Clinical Biochemistry.