Facilities at JBTDRC

Research Laboratories
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Immunology Laboratory
Hybridoma Laboratory               
PG  Research  Laboratory     
RIA facility
Instrument rooms

Major Equipment:

  The center has acquired sophisticated instruments such as FPLC – System (Pharmacia) for protein purification, Freeze drier (Virtis), PC based ELISA Reader (ECIL), Cryopreservation equipment (Forma scientific), Thermocycler (PCR) equipment (Biometra), CO2 Incubator (Forma Scientific), Incubator-Shaker  (Forma Scientific), Ultra–centrifuge (Kontron), Spectrophotometer  (Gilford), Minicold Lab with Chromatography equipment., Walk in cold room, RIA– Counters, SDS-PAGE & Sub-marine multiphoresis electrophoresis apparatus  for separation of proteins for biomedical research.