January, 2005

    Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Immunodiagnosis & Immunodiagnostics:

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 April, 2005


Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Immunodiagnosis & Immunodiagnostics:  

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 July, 2005

Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Immunodiagnosis & Immunodiagnostics:  
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October, 2005


Some Selected Abstracts:


 Hombach J, Barrett AD, Cardosa MJ, Deubel V, Guzman M, Kurane I, Roehrig JT, Sabchareon A, Kieny MP. Review on flavivirus vaccine development. Proceedings of a meeting jointly organised by the World Health Organization and the Thai Ministry of Public Health, 26-27 April 2004, Bangkok, Thailand. Vaccine. 2005 Apr 15;23(21):2689-95.

Initiative for Vaccine Research, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

In light of the continuous spread of human pathogenic flaviviruses, in particular the mosquito-transmitted species, vaccine development remains a high priority on the public health agenda. On 26-27 April 2004, a conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, to review current status of flavivirus vaccine development and related issues, focussing on dengue (DEN) and Japanese encephalitis (JE). This event, co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Thai Ministry of Public Health, reviewed the progress made with vaccine development, sero-epidemiological studies and other accompanying activities critical for vaccine development and vaccination. The considerable interest in and awareness of the flavivirus diseases and their prevention by public health decision makers, as well as the establishment of two dedicated programmes for dengue and Japanese encephalitis vaccine development raise hopes that new or improved vaccines will become available in the coming years.

Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Immunodiagnosis & Immunodiagnostics:  

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