Brief Report on

National Symposium on Medical Informatics &

CME on Hospital Information System

Bioinformatics Centre established in 1999 with grant in aid from the Department of Biotechnology, at Jamnalal Bajaj Tropical Disease Research Centre, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram (Wardha) organised National Symposium on Medical Informatics & CME On Hospital Information System during September 6-7, 2004. In the Inaugural function on 6th, Dr. B. C. Harinath Co-ordinator, gave introduction and informed that the objective of this Symposium & CME was to enrich the awareness of Medical Teachers & PG Students towards the automated Patient Information System and acquire special skills in communication.

Inaugural Function was held on September 6, 2004. Dean Dr. (Mrs.) P. Narang welcomed the participants and Secretary Ms. Suma Subbanna presided over the function and released CD on Database on JBTDRC Research Publications and Souvenir & Abstracts. Dr. O. P. Sharma, President, Indian Association for Medical Informatics, Chandigarh was the Chief Guest and enlightened on Computerized Patients’ Record.

Other eminent Guest speakers Dr. Dileep Bhale, Consultant Sonologist, Hingoli, Dr. N. G. Rao, International Advisor, Bioinformatics & Telemedicine, Secunderabad, Dr. P. Gautam, Coordinator, BIC, Chennai, Mr. Vinay Pande, Sr. Programmer, AIIMS, New Delhi, Dr. A.K. Attri, Professor & Head, Surgery, GMC, Chandigarh, Dr. S.N. Sarabadhikari, Assoc Prof & Head, AIMS, Kochi, Mr. K. Kumaran, BIC, Pondicherry, Dr. A.R. Aroor, Prof & Head, Biochemistry, KIMSHRC, Bangalore, Dr. Hem Chandra, Medical Superintendent, SGPGIMS, Lucknow, Dr. Shripad Deshpande, Professor & Head, Physiology, BHU, Varanasi, Dr. P.S. Khandekar, Coordinator, BIC, Pune, Dr. Monica Gupta, Assoc Professor, Pathology, PMC, Karamsad, Gujrat,  Mr. Rajneesh Chaudhary, Univ of Hull & National Health, UK, Mr. B. Prasad, Computer Centre, SVIMS, Tirupati, Prof. Abhijit Mukherji, Principal, B.C. Roy College, Durgapur delivered Guest Lectures on Evidence Based Medicine, e- Health, Shared Knowledge Bases for Clinicians, Current Trends in Medical Informatics, Multimedia Patients Education, Healthcare Technology: The Need for Indian Standards, Vaccine Development – A Bioinformatics Approach, Proteomics and Bioinformatics in Laboratory Medicine: Utility for Diagnosis and Drug Design, Problem Solving Through System Approach – HIS a Core Element, Paper Writing as an Art of Scientific Communication, Medical Informatics: A Case  Study Tuberculosis, Telepathology, Cardiac Informatics, Role of Hospital Management Information System in Tertiary Care Hospital, Computer in Medicine followed by Demonstration of software (Smart-Card) made in IIT and Software developed at BIC namely FilaDB, TbDB, ObSoft, GynSoft & PsySoft for recording & retrieval of patients information related to Filariasis, Tuberculosis, Obs & Gynae and Psychiatry patients was also conducted.

Dr. N.C. Jain, Dy. Director General, ICMR, New Delhi conducted a special session of Biomedical Communication covering the topic, Indian Journals in Global Databases: Choosing the Right Journal for Biomedical Publication.

            Overall emphasis of the proceedings of the Symposium & CME was on Medical Informatics & automated Hospital Information System, which we are keen to have at Kasturba Hospital. The Guest Speakers (17) & Delegates (40) have come from different states namely Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, M.P., Gujrat, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, W. Bengal, U. K.

            Interactive session followed by concluding session was held on September 7, 2004 where Dr. N. G. Rao, International Advisor, Bioinformatics & Telemedicine, Secunderabad Chaired the session with the panel members Dr. O.P. Sharma, President, IAMI, Chandigarh, Dr. N.C. Jain, DDG, ICMR, New Delhi, Dr. Dileep Bhale, Consultant Sonologist, Hingoli and Dr. B. C. Harinath, Organising Chairman, MED INFO Symposium & CME - 2004.

During the Panel Discussion, Dr. O. P. Sharma proposed one year Diploma Course in Medical Informatics. He also mentioned that we should encourage development of Healthcare software for our specific requirements which may be approved by IAMI and distributed / supplied to the users.

Dr. N. C. Jain proposed that 3 month Medical Informatics curriculum may be included in MBBS syllabus.

It was also recommended by Dr. N. C. Jain & Dr. D. Bhale that a Distance learning programme for Diploma on Medical Informatics be started under guidance of IAMI.

Dr. Satish Kumar, Organising Secretary, MED INFO Symposium & CME - 2004 proposed vote of thanks.