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President : Dhirubhai Mehta

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Dated: 28/10/2023


 I am happy to know that Bioinformatics Centre at JBTDRC has successfully conducted National Symposium on Medical  Informatics and CME on Hospital Information System with participation of number of Informatic experts and financial support  from DBT, MCI, CSIR, DST, ICMR, Mo H & FW and with cooperation f Indian Association for Medical Informatics. Proliferation of Medical Colleges and Super Specialty Hospitals investing considerable resources on sophisticated investigative

facilities are competing with each other in making health care a business and costly venture for ultimate users. Awareness on Medical Informatics and Hospital Information System is the need of the day for efficient management of the Hospital and Patients' information to improve the quality of medical care and reducing health care costs.

I am glad that the Proceedings of the Symposium are being published in a book form and making them accessible to all Medical colleges and personnel actively involved in health care management. I appreciate the efforts of the organizers and wish them all the success.

Dhiru S. Mehta