I Love India

           I love India as the birthplace of the highest and best of all religions, as the country that has the grandest mountains, the Himalayas, the country where the homes are simple, where domestic happiness is most to be found, and where the women unselfishly, unobtrusively, ungrudgingly serve the dear ones from early morn to dewy eve.

           India, is above all others, the land of great women. Wherever we turn, whether history or literature, we are met on every hand by those figures, whose strength She mothered and recognized, while She keeps their memory eternally sacred.

          I believe that India is one, indissoluble, National unity is built on the common home, the common interest and the common love. I believe that the strength which spoke in the Vedas and Upanishads, in the making of religions and empires, in the learning of scholars, and the meditation of the saints, is born once more amongst us, its name today is NATIONALITY.  I believe that the present of India is deep-rooted in her past, and that before her, shines a glorious future.

           O! nationality, come thou to me as joy of sorrow, as honour or as shame! Make me thine own!!

                                                                         -  Sister Nivedita

Courtesy: Yuva Bharati, October 2006