Selected abstract:

1.         Slesak G, Phanthavong P, Rasphone O, Luangxay K, Anoulakkham P, Pahatsalang V, Soumphonphakdy B, White JA, Newton PN. Obstructive biliary ascariasis with cholangitis and hepatic abscesses in Laos:  a case report with gall bladder ultrasound video. J Infect. 2007 Apr;54(4):e233-5. 

SFE, Luang Namtha Provincial Hospital, Luang Namtha, Lao People's Democratic Republic. <>

A 12-year-old Lao boy with obstructive biliary Ascaris infection is described and video of the gallbladder ultrasound presented. The patient developed severe complications of obstructive cholangitis, a large right pleural effusion and hepatic abscesses requiring prolonged antibiotic therapy. The differential diagnosis of worms in the gall-bladder is discussed.


Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Immunodiagnosis & Immunodiagnostics:

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Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Management & Drugs: 

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