CME Guest Lectures



  Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes for Management of Chronic Health Problems  
 Prof. Vinod Kochupillai


  Self Transformation Programme of Himalayan Tradition                                           

     Dr. V. Chauhan


  Blissful Life through Meditation & Spiritual Science                             

     Dr. Hari Kumar 


  Psycho-Spiritual Oncology                                                        

     Dr. Varsha Sagdeo


  Evolving Concept of Soul-Mind-Body Medicine A New Approach to Human Physiology in Health & ‘Dis-Ease’

     Dr. Satish Kr. Gupta


  Science of Meditation and Herbs for Holistic Management of Chronic Health Problems

     Dr. N. P. Shanker Narayan


  The Concept of Health as Advocated by Mahatma Gandhiji                  

     Dr. B.T.Chidananda Murthy


  Management of Chronic Health Problems through Life Style Management

     Dr. Suryakant Joshi

  Gene Expression Profiling in Practitioners of Sudarshan Kriya              

     Dr. Neeta Singh


 Management of Chronic Health Problems through Life Style Management

     Dr. Babu Joseph


  Yoga Based Life Style Management for Chronic Diseases                   

     Dr. Shantaram Shetty 


  Significance of Lifestyle Modifications for Psychosomatic Disorders

     Dr. Makrand M Gore


  Yoga for Rehabilitation: an overview                                                    

     Dr. Shirley Telles


  Biological effects of Sudarshana Kriya on Alcoholics                            

     Dr.  A. Vedamurthachar


  Holistic Approach for De-addiction from Tobacco                                  

     Dr. Vinay Hazarey