Selected abstract:

1.                  Girard MP, Reed ZH, Friede M, Kieny MP.  A review of human vaccine research and development: malaria. Vaccine. 2007 Feb 19;25(9):1567-80.

            University Paris 7, 39 rue Seignemartin, FR-69008 Lyon, France.

            The last several years have seen significant progress in the development of vaccines against malaria. Most recently, proof-of-concept of vaccine-induced protection from malaria infection and disease was demonstrated in African children. Pursued by various groups and on many fronts, several other candidate vaccines are in early clinical trials. Yet, despite the optimism and promise, an effective malaria vaccine is not yet available, in part because of the lack of understanding of the types of immune responses needed for protection, added to the difficulty of identifying, selecting and producing the appropriate protective antigens from a parasite with a genome of well over five thousand genes and to the frequent need to enhance the immunogenicity of purified antigens through the use of novel adjuvants or delivery systems. Insufficient clinical trial capacity and normative research functions such as local ethical committee reviews also contribute to slow down the development process. This article attempts to summarize the state of the art of malaria vaccine development.

Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Immunodiagnosis & Immunodiagnostics:

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Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Management & Drugs: 

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