Selected abstracts:

1.                  Piscopo TV, Mallia Azzopardi C. Leishmaniasis. Postgrad Med J. 2007 Feb;83(976):649-57.
St Luke's Hospital, Guardamangia Hill, Guardamangia, MSD 09, Malta.
Epidemiology, disease patterns, immunology, diagnosis, treatment and control measures of leishmaniasis are described. Various issues relating to leishmaniasis are highlighted: the relative lack of importance given to this disease compared with other infections, climate change and its possible impact on extension of endemicity of this infection, and new diagnostic tests which are improving diagnosis, especially in resource poor areas. Other important aspects discussed include the potential for newer oral therapy to change the way this disease is managed; Leishmania-HIV coinfection and groups at risk; and development of an effective vaccine.

Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Immunodiagnosis & Immunodiagnostics:

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Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Management & Drugs:

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