Feedback on Proceedings of Symposium on Medical Informatics
We are grateful to the distinguished experts and administrators for the encouraging letters.

- Editor


Dear Prof. Harinath,

Many thanks for the Proceedings of the National Symposium on Informatics. It is a sleek production, good pictures, no errors & rich, varied content. I am glad and proud that you have at the JBTDRC, the Bioinformatics Centre. You have put MGIMS on the world map through JBTDRC & Bioinformatics Centre.

I wish there had been a section on the limitations of the system in the diagnosis & treatment of diseases. As of today, good history & physical examination are the best tools for diagnosis & prognosis.

Dr. Manu  Kothari

30, Sangam, 14-B, S.V. Road

Santa Cruz, Mumbai – 400 054

My Dear Professor Harinath,

Today I have got your letter dated 11/1/2024 sending therewith a copy of the Proceeding on National Symposium on Medical Informatics and CME on Hospital Information System held during the period 6-7, September 2004. I have gone through above proceeding and found that it has been very nicely brought out. This is the first time that I have seen the biodata with photograph of the Guest Speakers in the proceedings. It gives a very good impression. I send my compliments.

My special thanks may also be conveyed to Dr. Satish Kumar who was the Organizing Secretary of the above conference.

With kindest regards,

  Your Sincerely,

Shri S.S. Rana

CAO, Office of the Secretary

Kasturba Health Society ,


From     : “HOD Electronics & Comm Engineering” <>


Dear Prof. Satish Kumar, 

Thank you very much for sending me a copy of the Proceedings of MedInfo & CME-2004. I congratulate you for bringing out such a useful compendium, which I am sure will be beneficial to all those practicing Medical informatics in India.

I am happy to note that JBTDRC is organizing a workshop on Medical Informatics during September 29-October 1,2005.

 With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


 Dr. K.R. Radhakrishnan

Professor & Head

Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology

POLLACHI – 642 003