Thought for the Day


The Four Options

       Now a days people are so busy with minigoals that they never have time to think of broad goal of understanding the meaning and to give a direction to life. The minigoals are namely, the education, finding a job or business, marriage, raising family, job promotion, acquiring possessions and finally entering the jaws of consumer culture and never to turn back and think for a moment. In this rat race, contentment and detachment become difficult propositions. At the evening of the life we do realise that something we missed resulting in vacuum and disturbed peace of mind. It is never early in life to develop spiritual enquiry for a moment in a day questioning oneself ‘who am I and what is the purpose of this life beyond satisfying mundane needs ?’ 
          The Indian tradition has identified various personality types and  suggested different yoga practices for them. For instance knowledge or Jnana yoga is recommended for the philosophical or intellectual personality,  action or Karma yoga for active and dynamic personality, devotion or Bhakti yoga for emotional personality and concentration or Raja yoga for mystical or psychic personality. For any significant progress in the chosen Yoga path for spiritual development, the prerequisite is simple living, detachment, selflessness, control of senses, positive inputs and thoughts of universal betterment. In other words one should put soul into it. Otherwise it will be more of intellectual acceptance and mere ritualization.