Birth-Death Cycle


Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam

Punarapi Jananeejathare Sayanam.             

Man is born again and again and again.

Birth is followed by death.

Adi Shankara, Bhaja Govindam.

 Birth and death are two illusory scenes

In the drama of this world:

Really no one is born, no one dies,

No one comes, no one goes.

It is Maya's jugglery, It is play of the mind;

Brahman alone exists.

There is birth for the body alone,

Five elements combine to form the body;

The Atman is birthless and deathless;

Death is casting off the physical sheath.

It is like deep sleep; Birth is like waking from sleep;/

Be not afraid of death, O Ram! Life is continuous.

The flower may fade but the fragrance floats;

The body may disintegrate,

But the immortal fragrance of the soul Always will remain.

Learn to discriminate The Real from the unreal;

Think always of the Infinite

That is birthless and deathless.

Transcend Maya and Moha,

Go beyond three Gunas,

Give up attachment for the body.

Free yourself from birth and death

And merge in the Immortal Essence.