I am glad to know that SEVAMED – a Quarterly Update on Infectious Disease Research And Traditional Medicine published by our Bioinformatics Centre has entered 4th year of its publication and is available on Having gone through the list of subscribers and the feed back from its readers, I am sure this effort of disseminating information in the form of bibliographic journal has helped the medical teachers, researchers and practicing doctors updated with latest information and furtherance of productive research for better health care. I hope this publication will further help in boosting relevant research in medical institutions.

Bioinformatics Centre since its inception has been actively helping medical teachers, students and scientists by providing internet access for information search for academic purposes and conducting workshop / training courses at regional and national level. In addition to SEVAMED publication, the Centre has developed user friendly softwares: TbDB, FilaDB, ObSoft, GynSoft, PsySoft for recording & retrieval of data on tuberculosis, filariasis, obstetrics & gynecology and psychiatry patients related information.

            I wish the staff associated with the activities of this Centre and SEVAMED publication all the success.

Date: November 27, 2023

Dhirubhai Mehta

Kasturba Health Society