Purpose of Life

                      Life is a mixture of joys and miseries. One has the tendency to remember the difficulties or miseries for  long, forgetting the joys the life has bestowed. The enlightened say that one should use this life to liberate from the cycle of birth and death. How many have been liberated? Why the population is still growing? Possibly we have not followed the right path.

            Nature has been kind enough that the ordinary person does not know what he or she was in the previous birth or what he or she will be in future to worry or excited about. In each life one starts a new chapter. It has an option to live like a noble man leading a spiritual life in harmony with nature or live like an animal and be materialistic.  In simple terms, what is your duty to surrounding Nature and Society of which you are part and from which you breathe air, drink water and eat food for your existence.

            Have a vision of what you wish to do with yourself and the world around you. Keeping the mind occupied with a goal in whatever you undertake, make best use of life and leave the World better than you found it. In brief ideal life should be based on simple living, value addition, spiritual thinking and serving the needy and society.