Works In Progress / Carried out (2001-2002)

‘SEVAMED’ Quarterly Bibliography on Disease Diagnosis, Pathogenesis, Vaccines & Drugs in Tropical Disease & Certain clinical conditions and News & Views on Advances in Medicine & Holistic Health which was released on April 8, 2024 by our esteemed Director is being regularly published. Bibliography on ‘Mental Stress and Diseases’ is added from the Issue Jan 2003.Four issues (April, July, October & January) have been released and dispatched to Bioinformatics Centres, Medical Colleges and Research Institutes in India. This has been well received and appreciated by different colleges/ institutes and list of subscribers is growing day by day


PROPOSED WORK (2003-2004)

·     Continuation of Sevamed Quarterly  update for Infectious Disease Research and Traditional Medicine.

·     Retrieval and Dissemination of Biomedical Information for students, teachers, and scientists in Medical Colleges and Research Institutes in Vidarbha and neighboring Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

·     Databases Development related to medical information on diagnosis & management of certain diseases commonly present in the rural setup.

·     Organisation of National Level workshops on ‘Medical Informatics and Biomedical communication’  regularly on yearly basis.

·     Organizing short term training courses for our staff and student, and neighbouring institutes.

·     Organizing training on ‘Telemedik’( a package for Telemedicine) to related users.

·     Development of HIS (Hospital Information System) at MGIMS.