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Arogyadham is a traditional health care centre and research project of Kasturba Health Society for promotion of positive health in addition to taking care of preventive and curative aspects of health care in chronic ailments with Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation. Arogyadham has Herbal Garden spread out in about 250 acres, cottages for short stay, walkways, kitchen with simple vegetarian food, Nature cure centre with separate male & female naturopathy treatment sections, library, yoga & meditation hall for successful management of life style health problems in Nature friendly environment.

Contribution:                    Yearly - Rs. 200/-;                               Lifetime - Rs. 2000/-

      Friends of Arogyadham are eligible for the following benefits:

1) Arogyadham Newsletter from time to time; 2) 10% concession on Naturopathy and Yoga treatments; 3) 10% concession on registration fees for Workshops/ Seminars / Health retreats; 4) Access to Arogyadham library with number of books and magazines on Meditation, Yoga, Naturopathy etc.

Regular meeting of Friends of Arogyadham:

ACD / DVD / VCD show / lecture / talk on Meditation, Yoga, Pranayam, Lifestyle health problem and Stress management, Art of Living etc. will be arranged on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month from October 2005 between 6 to 7.30 pm (video show start at 6.15 PM)  at Arogyadham for Friends of Arogyadham.

All are cordially invited

Voluntary contribution in support of the activity is appreciated.

For information contact:

                                           Dr. T. Karthickeyan 

                                           Naturopathy and Yoga Consultant

                                           Ph: 07152 – 284341 (Ext- 338)

                                           Cell: 09890725575