Thought for the day

Yoga and Success in Life

Some of the qualities successful people have are concentration, steadiness, perseverance, inner motivation, acceptance, the ability to say ‘No’ and the ability to get along with other people. 

By practising yoga, one develops these qualities without inviting ulcers or courting angina or finding oneself in a psychiatrist’s couch.

Yoga is the art of living.  It helps one to achieve perfect health - physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.  This state of complete health equips one to take on life’s challenges with equanimity.  A disturbed mind cannot solve any problem, personal or organisational.  Yoga helps one to achieve a tranquil mind with energy, clarity and the sense of purpose to tackle problems successfully.

A successful person has an alert mind, is free from fear and anxiety and has positive attitudes that help in interpersonal relationships.  His life is free from petty jealousy, prejudice and the feeling of insecurity.  He is self-motivated and acts as a source of motivation  for others.  To achieve such an all-round development of personality, yoga has prescribed Yama and Niyama (code of ethics), Asanas (the right postures), Sattvik Ahar (the right food), Pranayama (control of bioenergy, the most easily recognized form of which is breathing) and Pratayahara (withdrawing the mind from sense objects).

Yoga says ‘action’ and ‘reaction’ are animal instincts. Stop reacting in life, but concentrate on action at the right time and in the right manner. Thus, yoga is a complete practical system of self-culture, working through the harmonious development of one’s body, mind and dormant spiritual potencies.


- From: ‘Yoga for All’ of The Yoga Institute